UCN Bookstore Return Policy



  1.  Goods returned for refund or exchange must be in new, unmarked, resalable condition and must be accompanied by the original sales receipt.  All returns must comply with the guidelines as set forth within this policy.

  2.  The following items are ineligible for return: Barcharts, course packs, NAIT modules, earphones/earbuds, locks, course equipment, gift cards, items removed from their original packaging, special orders, used access codes, clearance items, food.

  3.  A refund is not available on purchases of $1.00 or less.  If the item is defective, an exchange will be granted.

  4.  Textbooks in shrink wrap plastic wrappers cannot be returned once the seal is broken.

  5.  The time limit for return is 14 days from the date of purchase for students on campus. Textbook returns from offsite Regional locations must be returned within the same term requested. General merchandise returns are 14 days from date of purchase. No returns will be done for book(s) purchased within two (2) weeks prior to the exam for which the book is required.

  6.  Textbooks that are beyond the above mentioned fourteen (14) days, may still be considered for return if the original receipt is present, the textbook is in resalable condition, it is within 31 days of purchase, and is accompanied by and add/drop or withdrawal form. 

  7.  The refund process for purchases made by cash or cheque will be determined on a case by case basis.  Depending on the amount of the refund, they will either be refunded through the POS at the time of request or through Finance by method of an Accounting refund which is done weekly by Accounts Payable.  Refunds for purchases made by cheque are subject to a ten (10) day waiting period. Refund cheques are mailed to the recipient. A copy of the original receipt must accompany all refunds.

  8.  Returns on purchases made with debit or credit card must be accompanied with the original sales receipt, and refunds will be credited back in the same method as originally charged when the purchase was generated.

  9.  Returned textbooks and supplies purchased on sponsorship are returned back onto the sponsorship, no cash value is returned to the student.

  10. Digital products (e-texts and access codes) are subject to publisher approval before a return may be granted.  If a publisher declines a return, no refund can be granted

  11. Defective products may be exchanged within the applicable return period if accompanied with the original sales receipt and approved by Bookstore personnel. Manufacturer warranty may apply to calculators. 

  12. Items ordered online must be first approved for return by emailing bookstore@ucn.ca.  Once approved, the return shipping & related charges are the responsibility of the customer. 

  13. What is resalable condition? Resalable condition will be determined by the Bookstore staff.

  • Textbooks & course materials – no writing, highlighting, scratched covers, bent or dog-eared corners. Textbooks or course materials that are shrink-wrapped are not resalable once wrapping is removed or broken

  • Clothing – unworn, tags intact, free from pet hair or other debris

  • Supplies & Promo items – Undamaged, packaging and tags intact

  1. UCN Bookstore will make every effort to return overstocked textbooks that qualify for return privileges.

  2. In the event that non-returnable textbooks and/or printed materials are adopted for programs, UCN Bookstore personnel will advise the requestor of the non-returnable status on the selected material and will require appropriate approval before proceeding with the order. Any unsold stock will be charged to the program responsible for ordering.  The stock then becomes the property of the program charged. If any of this stock is requested for the program within the next program year, the UCN Bookstore may credit the department and bring the stock back into inventory for resale but only if the stock is in resalable condition.

  3. Bachelor of Arts non-returnable texts billed out to the program will be held for a period of two years before becoming the property of the UCN Library.

  4. Bookstore reserves the right to refuse refunds or exchanges that do not meet their standard for return.